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Ditch the Virtual Assistant for a SML Admin Services Assistant who delivers every time.

High quality virtual assistant services
from a dedicated, US-based assistant.

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SML Admin Services Assistants who delivers every time.

We only accept college-educated virtual assistants who live in the United States. Our hiring process is tough. Today, most of our newcomers are referred to us by assistants who our customers have loved for years.

Skills that match your needs

SML Admin Services Assistants are trained in their core areas of expertise. They already have tons of experience working for clients remotely and can help you streamline your outsourcing process. We match you to the SML Admin Services Assistant whose existing skills will make the biggest impact on your workload.

One Dedicated SML Admin Supported by Specialists

A jack of all trades isn’t helpful. While all of our SML Admin Services Assistants can handle general administrative tasks, they each have their own professional experience, preferences, and talents. We pick the best one for you. If your SML Admin Services Assistant can’t handle a specific task at any time, they get advice from a specialist, or the specialist will take over (at no cost to you).

Virtual Assistant

Who We Are

SML Admin Services LLC is a minority-owned, woman-owned business that was incorporated in Virginia on March 13, 2022. The business provides remote, on-site, and virtual administrative and clerical support for private businesses, federal and state municipalities, associations, and government agencies.

SML Admin Services LLC is located in the DC Metropolitan area.

The objective of SML Admin Services LLC is to operate as a personal assistant to other businesses, offering front-end and/or back up assistance for communication, scheduling, data entry, record-keeping, and customer service needs.

The business aims to offer quality services on state and local levels in the Metropolitan area of Washington D.C., Maryland and Virginia and nationally.

The strategy for SML Admin Services LLC is to identify private businesses and government agencies seeking administrative and clerical support services across multiple industries.

About Sierra Laroche The President/Owner of SML Admin Services LLC

The President/Owner of SML Admin Services LLC is Sierra Laroche, who was born and raised in New Orleans, Louisiana. She graduated Magna Cum Laude from Southern University at New Orleans and is a licensed insurance and investment agent. Sierra has over 14 years of executive assisting, office managing, and administrative experience in several industries, including financial services, real estate, insurance, construction, law, and accounting.

SML Admin Services LLC allows Sierra to hone in on her natural gifts of serving, organizing, and supporting with positive approaches to meeting daily goals. She is passionate and proud about providing attentive and customized service to her clients.

Virtual Assistant

Built-in security & trust

All of our SML Admin Services Assistants undergo background checks, and we’re experienced in the use of smart tech like Lastpass to securely share passwords.

Long term solution with no contracts

Our SML Admin Assistants stick with us for years. We expertly manage their workload so you enjoy consistent quality, availability, and responsiveness.

One transparent monthly fee

In your monthly fee, everything is taken care of. There are no additional payroll taxes or benefits to consider.

Fast response times every working day

Your SML Admin Services Assistant will respond to you within 2 hours with the task completed or with estimated delivery time if the task is big.

Let us work the day-to-day operations,
so you can focus on growth and expansion.

Meet the Virtual Assistant who will support you.

Request a Consultation Choose Your Plan

Save time now and in the future

Share Your Needs

In a consultation call and a thorough brief, tell us everything you need. We help you clarify and set priorities

Meet your new SML Admin Services Assistant

Get paired up with the best SML Admin Services Assistant with the skills needed to hit the ground running. Work with someone who already has the skills you need.

Outsource Smartly

Your account representative is there to introduce you to your SML Admin Services Assistant and help you decide what tasks to outsource first.

Experience proactive support

Your SML Admin Services Assistant will continue to learn more about your business and suggest more ways they can help so you get the most out of your monthly plan.

Fill new needs whenever

If your needs change or you need a replacement in the future, we’re just an email away and will support you quickly.

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